CamiRocks is more than a jewellery boutique.
It is the online destination for self-expression.

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Give us the Skinny...

We understand that no two people (much like diamonds) are exactly alike. Each have their own traits and characteristics that make them unique. CamiRocks gets this, and gives diamonds and people the opportunity to unite by creating unique statement pieces that express and amplify your identity, mood and personality!

“We firmly believe that the modern women should be empowered to buy her own diamonds.”

We also understand that empowerment is key to self-expression and firmly believe that the modern women should be empowered to buy her own diamonds. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and CamiRocks strives to ensure your friendship is rock solid by curating everyday statement pieces that are of exceptional quality, ethically sourced and conflict free. So why wait for a milestone or grand gesture from someone else?

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CamiRocks was started by founder, Camille. Daunted by the traditional jewelry store that struggles to stay on trend, and tired of wearing costume jewellery, Camille saw the opportunity to create an online destination that connects the everyday woman with on trend, quality fine jewellery. 

"When I hit my early thirties, I was working hard and my career was climbing - I wanted my jewellery to reflect my success as an extension of my self expression. It was important to me to to create fine jewellery pieces that other women could relate to and self-indulge in."

Camille hails from beautiful South Africa (the land of gold and diamonds), is educated through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is married to an international Diamond Dealer providing the perfect backdrop to all sourcing and manufacturing considerations. All CamiRocks Fine Jewellery pieces are custom made and manufactured by CamiRocks using only the finest South African diamonds.